JumpBox for Omeka Web Publishing 1.7.0

Change the look of your site with ease by installing themes. Omeka is a content management system specially designed for people who need to host a collection of digital artifacts. Museums, libraries and schools will find this JumpBox particularly useful as it yields a comprehensive, standards-compliant set of metadata for each item. A JumpBox packages an application’s software, dependencies, and application data into a single virtual appliance that deploys locally, or hosted to major virtualization, and cloud computing platforms. Deploy using virtualization platforms like VMware, Parallels and Microsoft Virtualization. All in all, JumpBox for Omeka Web Publishing will offer you the possibility to enhance the functionality of your website. · Easily skinnable: Change the look of your site with ease by installing themes. · Extensible via plugins: Add new functionality like an exhibit wizard or a bulk uploader via the plugin system. Or write your own and contribute it to the Omeka community. · Tiered access permissions: Assign varying levels of access to people based on what they need to see and do. Designate someone as a curator of a certain collection. · Output formats: Make your collections discoverable and re-mixable by exposing items in JSON, RSS, XML and ATOM formats. Requirements: · Virtualization software. · For easiest use: a network that assigns dynamic IP addresses. (Most do) · 3 GB Free disk space · Minimum 1 GB System RAM (Each JumpBox you run on the same system will need 256-512MB of additional RAM) · Minimum 1 Ghz CPU

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