XM SMS PRO series is probably the world's most popular SMS Gateway for use with UMTS/3G/GPRS modems.

This is the newest release 4.87 from September 2012.

XM SMS Pro 4x can send up to 56 SMS / min. Each of the 4 modems has its own flexible settings. For example one modem

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Magnificent CCTV Picture Capturing Tool

The software has been designed as universal software for surveillance hybrid platforms functioning simultaneously with wireless and wired IP cameras, TV-cards, capture boards, power-line, and USB cameras. It has web interface with the similar form and functionality on the local and remote computers. Users watch MPEG coded picture and have full management of the software using net that surveillance server can be operated with no monitor, keyboard, and mouse attached. Software`s modular configuration significantly increases reliability because all parts act as independent applications. If one part freezes, other modules go on working. For instance if the `capture` part freezes, `watchdog` starts over it instantly that users don`t notice anything because they are watching picture using a `playback` component. The software performs `repeated` recording that the `disk full` situation never appears. The recording can be constant or it can be triggered by movement, human face detection, or by calendar. The software has pre-alarm and post-alarm recording. Playing back recorded video is pretty simple and performs on the surveillance pc as well as on apart station via Web interface. The program does simultaneous video playback for event examination from multiple webcams simultaneously. Also recorded files can be searched by date, time or by face detected. All recorded files can be encrypted and password protected.

WonderFox Document Manager

WonderFox Document Manager is an almighty office documents program. It enables users to manage office documents easily with its features. You can list and backup all target documents on computer, protect the office files by Lock, Hide and Encryption.

Ailt HTML to Image Converter

Ailt HTML to Image Converter is an easy-to-use, fast and efficient HTML to Image conversion tool. It is specifically designed to convert any local HTM and HTML, website URL or Internet Shortcut into standard image file formats like JEPG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, TIFF etc. It captures the whole web page’s content into JEPG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, TIFF without scrollbars. User-friendly interface is very easy to use with merely a few click. Advance Features: Convert any URLs or HTML files to image like: JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, TIFF. Supports batch convert multiple Website URLs, HTM, HTML, Internet Shortcut files. Support batch converting webpage on the website to Image files with “Add URL”. Take a snapshot of a whole webpage into one image without scrollbars. Ability to retrieve page for capturing via HTTP, HTTPS, or from a local HTM, HTML, Internet Shortcut file. Supports save the captured URLs/Files path to list file. Supports load URLs/Files from the saved list file directly to convert Supports load URLs list from TXT documents directly to convert Supports extract directly URLs from text content. The output image size is configurable or just use the size of source web pages. It can capture flash content on web pages. It can enable or disable Script, Java, ActiveX etc when loading web pages for converting. Support timeout settings for web pages loading. Support delay time settings for web pages snapshot. Supports only capture text content on the webpage. Supports define the output image name. Works in background, web page(s) doesn’t need to be displayed or kept active to capture. More…


Easy to install and run
Single and multi-user modes
RSS newsfeeds
Easy to change interface
Administrator may specify what HTML tags are allowed in articles and comments
Information page about every user
Calendar with active days highlited
Archive browsing by day, month and

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ApPHP MicroBlog

ApPHP MicroBlog (ApPHP MicroB) is very simple and powerful PHP blog software. This product enables you to start your own blog within minutes. You can easy add and manage your posts and posting categories. This script is perfect for web designers and developers that want to empower

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SMS Gateway for use with a UMTS/3G/GPRS modem. Professional, reliable and easy to use. The products offers many integration possibilities with other IT systems via TEXT files, ODBC, SQL, FTP, XLS, MDB, HTTP-REQUEST and CSV. It works in User Mode or as a Windows Service. You will find great features for your business like: broadcasting, forwarding, automatic reply, import from any format, pre-paid watchdog, subscription service, templates, scheduler. Many years experience and hundreds of happy business customers in the World. SOME USERS OF XM SMS PRO: CORPORATE NETWORK ADMINISTRATORS / IT SUPPORT -Access to a corporate network resources protected by a code (SMS token) -Integrating the SMS gateway with other business applications MANUFACTURERS, TRADING COMPANIES, SERVICE PROVIDERS -Contacting clients in urgent matters, -Sending notifications of clearance sales, special offers and of new products and services ACCOUNTING OFFICES -Informing customers of financial results and the amount of taxes -Reminding customers of the dates of tax payment -Reminder customers about overdue payments CITY HALLS – Contacting citizens about local events, threats, traffic conditions MEDICAL CLINICS, DENTAL OFFICES, BEAUTY SALONS, WELLNESS CENTERS -Reminding patients of the scheduled appointments -Canceling visits due to absence of a doctor -Sending invitations to patients for periodic check-ups. CREDIT INSTITUTIONS, COLLECTION AGENCIES -Sending offers to interested clients -Notifying clients of the dates of installment repayment and the amount of credit -Reminding debtors about overdue payments SCHOOLS -Keeping in touch with parents CLUBS, PUBS, DISCOS -Sending invitations to clients for upcoming events, parties and concerts -Notifying clients about special offers (e.g., “Free entry until 10 pm”) -Viral marketing (e.g., “Show this SMS at the door, you will pay 50% for the entry”)

Submit Software Diamond Suite

Submit your software to 800+ download sites, software promotion, Professional Software Submission Service,
offer the quality manual submission to software archives, highest quality web site submission services for the lowest prices ,
manually submit your software.complete report

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SmilingMail is a funny e-mail tool. Using this software, you can insert more than 700 smiley faces into emails you are sending. All you have to do is click a smiley to insert it to your opened email window. You can say “goodbye” to drab and vapid text e-mails now. SmilingMail works with Outlook, Outlook Express and IncrediMail.

MessengerLog 360

Introducing MessengerLog 360 - our new generation of chat monitor, get ready to monitor and record chat from all popular instant messengers: MSN/Windows Live messenger (including version 9.x), Yahoo Messenger (including version 9.x), AIM/AOL (including version 6.x, with encrypted

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