Encrypt4all – Home Edition 1.7

Encrypt your private documents to single encrypted archive Encrypt4all – Home Edition is an easy-to-use application which helps users protect their files better. This program is a powerful encryption program used to storeyourprivate documents into a single encrypted archive. Encryption is done via password input, the encrypted archive is shown as a *.e4a file. To extract contents, user must supply the correct password. Note: If you want to encrypt files larger than 50 MB you can buy the Professional version of the program. · Unlike most similar applications, Encrypt4all implements a real bit-per bit data encryption. · Many ways to protect your private documents. · Ability to encrypt any type of file (text, sounds, videos, etc…). · Ability to put all of your important files in one encrypted archive. · Ability to set password for encrypted archive. · Encrypted archive cannot be open without its password (even if moved to another pc). · Is a powerful tool to encrypt strings files. · Ability to encrypt files larger than 2 gigabyte. · Ability to lock folders. · Ability to set password for locked folders. · Locked folders cannot be open in other PCs. · Folder protection just takes one second. · Ability to use multi-level protection for locked folders. · Ability to hide files and folders. · Ability to create global protected folder in every drive that you can copy/move your private documents to it. · No one can open your global protected folders without master password of program. · Program support themes. · FREE Theme Maker program that you can create themes for Encrypt4all and share it with your friends. · The program works on (win9x, win2000, winxp, win2003, win vista) 32-bit and 64-bit versions of operating systems. · Any type of physical media may be used to store and access the data on encrypted archives. · It integrates nicely with Windows Explorer. · Program is password protected. · You can use program in your home or your business Requirements: · .NET Framework 2.0 Limitations: · Unable to encrypt files / lock folders larger than 50 MB · Free activation every 30 day

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