Gest 2.2.6

Gest is a small, portable and free program which runs from the system tray. It adds mouse gesture support for Windows Explorer, like those that you see in modern web browsers. These allow you to perform simple tasks by holding down the right mouse button and drawing a few lines which are interpreted by the program which then sends commands to Explorer. These include simple things such as moving backwards and forwards or opening a new window. Mouse gestures improve productivity and are easy to use. The gestures in Gest are fully customizable and can be changed from the settings window. To help you, there is an optional mouse trail, which adds a blue line to show the path of your cursor when the right mouse button is held, and there is an optional, small, customizable box (the ‘Gesture Box’) which appears in the corner of you screen to tell you what gestures Gest has detected. Gest is easy to set up and control. When you first run it, you will see the settings window for your initial set up. After this, the program will start up silently and not bother you with th window, unless you call it with a simple keyboard shortcut. In addition, this application can be configured to run on Windows startup therefore you will not need to launch it every time you need it. · New colour box · Minor bug fix

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