Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook was developed to be a windows application to automatically resize and upload photos to your existing or new Facebook photo album. Save time and send pictures without being online on Facebook web site. Directly from the windows file explorer, Easy Photo Uploader is integrated in the shell menu . Select your picture(s), right click and select the menu item “Send your photo(s) to Facebook” Select your account, select or create a Facebook album, and the program will resize to the maximum resolution allowed by Facebook. Easily speeding up the transfer by resizing directly on your computer before submitting the files to Facebook. Easy and simple.. simply addictive software for Facebook fan. Easy Photo Uploader is using WIC codec, so you can also directly upload your raw photo files (CR2,NEF,MRW,etc..) they will be converted by Jpeg automatically for you with the highest quality possible (you can change this in the settings of the application). NOTE: Freeware for personal use only · Facebook account · Internet connection · UPDATE: new Facebook image resolution (960 px) · UPDATE: increased image quality · FIX: application crash on close

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