MStereoExpander 5.03

Provides stereo field modification to improve or smaller clarity of differences between channels MStereoExpander is a useful plugin that will enable you to alter the clarity difference betwwen the stereo channles. · Expansion based on actual sample or delay. · Perfectly mono compatible. · Full randomization – using a single button you can generate completely new settings. By clicking the button you can walk through the billions of possible settings and find the best one for you! And if that’s too much, you can just hold ctrl and MStereoExpander will only slightly modify existing settings. · Adjustable up-sampling 1x-4x to minimize aliasing and get an even clearer sound. · Extremely advanced and easy-to-use user interface – our products are always designed to enhance the workflow. You can easily change all values, fine-tune each control in multiple ways. Easy orientation in a standardized GUI, textual editing and smooth visualization with almost unlimited zooming are standard in all of our plugins. Moreover our plugins are the world first (and still the only ones), which support resizable and stylable GUI’s. · MIDI controllers with MIDI learn – you can map any parameter to any MIDI controller or MIDI keyboard and control it realtime or record and automate it. · Very fast, optimized for SSE and SSE2 processors. · Global preset management – using a title button you can save your settings (which are shared on the computer) so you can easily access these in other songs. · Fully automatable. Requirements: · VST host What’s New in This Release: · It is now possible to override the default editor size in Settings. · Added threshold and high-accuracy mode to pitch mode of modulators. · Added check for updates feature into each plugin’s settings. · Fix: VST3 was causing crashes under some hosts and specific configurations. · Fix: Envelope draw mode didn’t work well with snap to grid enabled. · Fix: Upsampling latency being reported was invalid.

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