Flock, The Social Web Browser 3.0

Flock, The Social Web Browser is a special web browser designed for social networks users. It is focused on socialization and is easy to use, fast and friendly. Flock is also modern-looking, featuring Twitter and Facebook features. With it you can easily share images, web pages and
videos with your friends online. You also can update the status and leave comments. All new Flock is built on the same lightning fast, cutting edge code as Google Chrome. It’s called Chromium, which is geek-speak for the speed, stability, and security you would expect from a global, open-source project headed by Google. Flock is minimal by design, which makes it easy to customize your web browser and still enjoy a large and clutter-free browsing experience. If you’re using Firefox add-ons, it’s likely that there are extensions that are right for you. Flock keeps your friends close. Easily share and comment on web pages, Facebook updates, tweets, feeds, and blog posts. Click to open the sidebar and access your friends’ latest social activity. Click again to hide your friends.

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