Bookmark Navigator: bookmark manager 1.2.1

Bookmark Navigator: bookmark manager is a bookmark and favorites organizer that allows you to share your bookmarks between web browsers and computers. The application practically grabs the favorites and bookmarks from web browsers and places them on a portable gadget such as a USB stick or portable media player. It allows you to carry your bookmarks and favorites with you wherever you go. Key features: * Import existing bookmarks and favorites * Synchronize bookmarks between different browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and computers * Find and remove duplicate bookmarks * Detect invalid, expired or non-existent links in bookmarks * Instant bookmark search by first typed letters Benefits: -Use your favorites and bookmarks everywhere, even on a computer you’ve never used before -Store bookmarks on any USB storage device: fash drive, iPod, etc. -Synchronize favorites and bookmarks across multiple computers and browsers -Automatically find and remove duplicates and bad links -Instant bookmark search -All major browsers supported: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

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