ChromePlus adds the most convenient features on top of Chrome for a much easier web surfing experience. ChromePlus has all the functionalities that Google Chrome has. More, ChromePlus added some useful features such as Mouse gesture, Super drag, IE tab, etc. Meanwhile, ChromePlus is free with no function limitation and you can use ChromePlus to surf the internet in any case. · Mouse Gestures · IE Tabs · Super drag · Double click tab to close page · Download tools supported in context menu. · New feature: IE clound switch. · New feature: Merger Options and Enhanced Option. · New feature: Improve the proxy option, an changing the setup of proxy can work without restart. · New feature: Add the OEM configuration of newtab and sidebar. · Bug fixed: Lose cookies after switch. · Bug fixed: About AliWangWang Plug-In. · Bug fixed: IETabKernel.exe can’t close when the last IEtab close. · Bug fixed: Some bugs about sidebar. · Bug fixed: Modify the program icon for win7. · Bug fixed: Improve bookmarking of the Neat Bookmarks in sidebar. · Bug fixed: Make Instant can search by letters. · Bug fixed: Modify the ChromePlus logo and switch icon. · Bug fixed: It will crash when click the switch icon if enable “Focus existing tab on open” experimental feature. · Bug fixed: Update the icon of download with IE kernel on the taskbar of win7. · Bug fixed: The newtab will become blank when switch from IE mode to Chrome mode. · Bug fixed: The bug of underline. · Bug fixed: The conflict with youdao dictionary.

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