Coollector 3.10

Coollector Movie Database is a unique type of program that’s useful even for the movie lovers who don’t own many videos. Yes, you can manage your video collection, with lots of details. But you can also remember all the movies you’ve seen, how much you liked them, the movies you wish to see, etc… Discovering new movies of interest is as simple as going to your favorite actors/directors, inspecting their movies you haven’t seen, and using our rating and fame meters to know if those movies are good or bad, popular or obscure. Coollector Movie Database is much fun to use, because you don’t start with some dull empty database. On the contrary, the program includes a huge encyclopedia of movies & series, combined with a database of existing videos. You download… you have all that ! Now, all that remains for you to do, is to personalize that data, by rating the movies and persons, marking the videos you own, those you loaned, etc… Coollector is a great tool, a piece of software like no other and child-play to use. ENCYCLOPEDIA collection manager: · Personalized encyclopedia. · At a glance, you see what you already know, like, dislike, what you own, loaned, etc… · It’s an unprecedented perspective on your cinematographical culture and tastes. · Helps you visualize who are your favorite directors, actors, etc… · Easier to locate must-see movies. COLLECTION MANAGER shopping tool: · If there’s a video you’d like to purchase, it is only one click away. · When you enter a video in your collection, it can be as simple as ripping all the technical details from the corresponding video in store. · During catalog updates, you get special notice when a video release involves a person that you had put under “video surveillance”. SHOPPING TOOL collection manager: · It becomes impossible to inadvertantly buy a DVD you already own, or from a director that you don’t like. · Some online stores offer a wishlist service. Now, your have 1 wishlist for all the stores. SHOPPING TOOL encyclopedia: · Browsing store catalogs within Coollector is much more conveniant than browsing them online. · It’s faster, and you can perform more powerful searches. · Coollector is organized in a (more natural) movie-centric way: if there are 2 DVD and 1 VHS of a movie, Coollector shows 1 movie available in 3 medias. · With Coollector, packs of movies are well broken into single movies.

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