SMS Gateway for use with a UMTS/3G/GPRS modem. Professional, reliable and easy to use. The products offers many integration possibilities with other IT systems via TEXT files, ODBC, SQL, FTP, XLS, MDB, HTTP-REQUEST and CSV. It works in User Mode or as a Windows Service. You will find great features for your business like: broadcasting, forwarding, automatic reply, import from any format, pre-paid watchdog, subscription service, templates, scheduler. Many years experience and hundreds of happy business customers in the World. SOME USERS OF XM SMS PRO: CORPORATE NETWORK ADMINISTRATORS / IT SUPPORT -Access to a corporate network resources protected by a code (SMS token) -Integrating the SMS gateway with other business applications MANUFACTURERS, TRADING COMPANIES, SERVICE PROVIDERS -Contacting clients in urgent matters, -Sending notifications of clearance sales, special offers and of new products and services ACCOUNTING OFFICES -Informing customers of financial results and the amount of taxes -Reminding customers of the dates of tax payment -Reminder customers about overdue payments CITY HALLS – Contacting citizens about local events, threats, traffic conditions MEDICAL CLINICS, DENTAL OFFICES, BEAUTY SALONS, WELLNESS CENTERS -Reminding patients of the scheduled appointments -Canceling visits due to absence of a doctor -Sending invitations to patients for periodic check-ups. CREDIT INSTITUTIONS, COLLECTION AGENCIES -Sending offers to interested clients -Notifying clients of the dates of installment repayment and the amount of credit -Reminding debtors about overdue payments SCHOOLS -Keeping in touch with parents CLUBS, PUBS, DISCOS -Sending invitations to clients for upcoming events, parties and concerts -Notifying clients about special offers (e.g., “Free entry until 10 pm”) -Viral marketing (e.g., “Show this SMS at the door, you will pay 50% for the entry”)

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