VintaSoftImaging.NET Library

A imaging toolkit for .NET developers. VintaSoftImaging.NET was designed to be a powerful and easy to use imaging toolkit for .NET developers. Library allows to load, view, process, print and save images, work with multipage TIFF files directly. Its Annotation.NET plug-in allows to annotate TIFF and JPEG files, manipulate annotations, create custom annotations and more. View images in scrollable and zoomable image viewer with magnifier and select image tool. View thumbnail images in multi-threaded thumbnail viewer. Supported image processing functions: despeckle, deskew, border detection, blank page detection, rotation, flip, mirror, crop, invert, color conversion, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, luminance, gamma. Supported image file formats: BMP, EMF, GIF, animated GIF, Icon, JPEG, PDF, PNG, TIFF, multipage TIFF, WMF. · Programming environments: .NET Framework 2.0 or higher · This is a fully-managed .NET library to guarantee the fast working in .NET Framework. · Load image from file or stream · Load multipage TIFF image, animated GIF image or multiple image into one image collection · View images in scrollable and zoomable image viewer · View thumbnail images in multi-threaded thumbnail viewer · Process images: despeckle, deskew, border detection, blank page detection, rotation, mirror, crop, invert, color conversion · Magnifier, zoom and select image tools · Reorder images in thumbnail viewer by using drag-n-drop · Direct work with multipage TIFF file, without temporary file · Read metadata from TIFF file · Read and write annotations from TIFF file · Preview and print images · Save image to file or stream · Asynchronously save an image collection to file or stream as multipage TIFF file · Split multipage TIFF file to many BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG or TIFF files Requirements: · NET Framework 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 · Microsoft Visual Studio .NET · Internet Explorer Limitations: · This evaluation version allows you to evaluate the library for free to determine if it suits your needs. You will see a nag screen when you open or save image to a file. Also periodicaly will appear the note asking to register. For disabling the nag screen and the note you must register the library What’s New in This Release: Image viewers optimized: · Added asynchronous image loading in image viewer. · Increased image viewer and thumbnail viewer performance. · Increased visual tools working speed. · Fixed bug in setting rendering adjustment in image viewer. Image processing functions optimized: · Added new hierarchy of image processing classes. · Added ability to create custom image processing functions. · Added new image processing functions: pixelate, sepia, tile reflection, blur, edges, sharpen. · Allowed to convert from/to 16-bit RGB formats BGR555 and BGR565. Supported saving to BGR555 in BMP only. · Default thresold value was set to 384 while converting color image to black-and-white image. TIFF codec optimized: · Added progress indicators of image loading and saving. · Added ability to copy pages with JPEG compression from one TIFF file to another. · Changed logic of TIFF codec work. When compression is set to CCITT4 while saving non-black-and-white image it’ll be converted to black-and-white and saved….

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