TopSales Personal 6.86

A useful and powerful sales automation, contact management, document management TopSales is a useful and powerful sales automation, contact management, document management and email message processor tool for sales and marketing people who are into internet marketing. It enhances sales productivity by automating sales process with daily contact management functions, mailing lists and email autoresponder. TopSales allows you to: · Maintain a complete contact management and build a long lasting relationship with you customers. · Manage your online newsletters easily. · Send personalized “Dear John” emails instead of generic “Dear Everyone” emails. · Increase your productivity and spend more time building your business instead of wasting time on administrative chores. · Manage and organize your documents easily. Merge contact fields into MS Word documents. It allows you to create personalized letters, memos and faxes. · Keep track of your orders, sales and inventory. Analyze and print sales reports. TopSales has been written specifically for the online marketers, home and small businesses to contact their customer, build relationship more efficiently and more effectively than in the past. The power of this software is only limited by your imagination. Therefore, the examples we provide are only meant to assist in your understanding, and are not meant to limit your ideas. Customer centric focus: · Customer relationship information is build around individuals and companies. Manage your contact detail in TopSales comprehensive contact management system and build a long lasting relationship with you customers. Advance contact classification: · Segment by demographic data. Segment your contact database by demographic fields such as age, gender, zip code, job title etc. There are 40 user definable text fields, 10 number fields and 5 date fields. System allows validation on user definable fields (text type) during data entry. Create multiple contact list based on area of interest. · Categorized by interest. Create mailing list based on your contacts’ interests. There are 20 user definable flags to categorized your contacts. · Contact analysis. Analyze your contact by demographic data. You can also analyze your mailing list and their responses. Company profiles: · Capture company data and analyze. Create company profile for your contact’s company. Group contacts by company. Search and analyze companies data with advanced reporting and analysis tools for your sales and marketing activities. Easy to create and send messages: · Cut, paste and publish. Paste you message text or HTML code in the message text box. · Personalized “To” field and message body text. Send personalized “Dear John” emails instead of generic “Dear Everyone” emails. · Message sent history. All previously sent messages can be easily access. You can keep track which message is sent to who or to edit and reuse message content. · Direct send. Send email without using SMTP server. · Automation agent: Automate email sending or receiving process. Powerful list management: · Mailing list management. Subscribe requests, unsubscribe requests, and undelivered handled automatically. Screen shot: Mailing List · List processor. Create multiple lists for different target or project. You can also split and merge list easily. Document management: · Manage and organize your documents easily. Link documents to contact and company. Merge contact fields directly into MS Word documents without the need to export contact data to text file or Excel. It allows you to create personalized letters, memos and faxes. Email Organizer: · Categorize email. Email downloaded will be auto link to a contact based on email address in contact profile. User can then view emails by contact or group emails to a group of contacts. · Email header viewer. View email header without downloading the whole email. User can then manually choose which email to download. Useful for user with slow internet connection or to avoid download email with large attachment. Also useful for deleting spam email directly from email server without downloading it. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel: · Import data from Outlook. Import contact data from MS Outlook. Save time on data entry. You can also import contact data from text file exported from other software. · Export data to Excel. Export contact, company, product and sales data to MS Excel for use in mail merge or other type of data analysis. · Mail merge with MS Word. Create MS Word mail merge document directly using contact data. Sales Data Entry/Invoicing and Analysis: · Enter your customer sales data and analyze them with powerful reporting and inquiries. Able to handle multi currency transaction. Sales Order Processing: · Topsales include a sales order fulfillment and tracking module. Able to handle partial or stagger deliveries of order. Inventory Control: · If you are selling your products through the Internet, this feature is great to keep track of your stock. Analyze slow moving stocks quickly and get rid of them. Know exactly your stock level and when to reorder. Reduce stock taking time. Able to handle multi-location or warehouse stock tracking. Bank Book: · Maintain your cash, checking and credit card account. Keep track of your expenses. Print income statement or profit and loss of your operations. Leads Analysis: · Analyze your marketing campaign performance. There are hundreds of analysis combination based on contact, leads, sales data to give you a comprehensive analytical result of your marketing effectiveness. Marketing Plans: · Create marketing plan to sell your products of services. Assign marketing plan actions such as email, phone call, fax or letter to each contact and let the system schedule automatically. Opportunity Manager: · Opportunity manager provides manager and sales persons with relevant information on their sales cycle. A sales process may involve many stages, users, contacts and activities. Flexible Report Previewer: · Report can be saved to picture or PDF file. Report can also be faxed or email directly from the report previewer. Security Control: · Secure and shared your data on a multi-user network environment. Administrator can set security level on what tasks or function an user can perform when using Topsales system. Each user activity is also recorded in the user activities log. Network Support: · Using Topsales Network version, data can be shared across LAN, so users in different PCs can access the same data. Using remote access software, you can also allows user in another location to access Topsales through Internet. Our network license is the most cost effective in the market. We charge a flat fee per LAN site and not in terms of number of users. Limitations: · 30 days trial · Nag screen What’s New in This Release: · All company reports change category criteria to multiple selection. User can now select multiple categories. · Company custom view function change category criteria to multiple selection. Use can now select multiple categories. · All company reports change group criteria to multiple selection. User can now select multiple groups. · Company custom view function change group criteria to multiple selection. User can now select multiple groups. · PDF viewer add show toolbar and scrollbar option · PDF viewer add shows PDF files only option

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