Provides all you need to edit the tags in most popular music files The ToeTag application was designed to be provide all you need to edit the tags in most popular music files. If you are using MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, Apple AAC (M4A), FLAC, or other audio files, ToeTag is a must-have utility. Get tags from the filename: If your files have no tags and you can’t get the information from the internet, you can use the information from the filename for the tags. ToeTag features a unique visual editor that can automatically break the filename into fields for you to choose which parts belong where. For example, if your filename is “01. Artist Name – Album Name.mp3” ToeTag would break it into 3 sections and let you choose which tag matched each field: Edit, add or delete tags: Edit information tags like content group, BPM, media type and mood. Fill in detailed information about the persons involved including composer, conductor, interpretation, lyricist, etc: Organize: ToeTag showing Tags to Filename tab.Organize, move, and rename your files using the tag information. You can create directories based on the filename, then move the files to that directory with new names also based on tags. You can create custom filename masks and add them to the list quickly and easily. For example, if you always put your files in D:Music you could set up a mask like D:Music?Artist? – ?Album? (?Year?)?Number? – ?Title? then ToeTag will use the artist, album and year as the folder for the files and name each file using the number and title fields: Get song information from the internet: ToeTag can search through the millions of CD records on the tracktype.org server. If anyone has submitted the data, ToeTag will download the tag information and save you a lot of typing! Of course you can then use advanced features like Intelligent Capitalization if you aren’t happy with how the submitter formatted the tags: Time-saving automation features: One of ToeTag’s main goals is to make it as easy as possible to manage audio files and their tags: Intelligent capitalization: · Intelligent capitalization makes prepositions lower case unless they are part of a phrasal verb or the first or last word in the title. Options allow you to define words that should always be upper or lower case In addition to intelligent capitalization, you can also select ALL UPPER CASE, Upper Case First Letter, all lower case, or choose to leave the capitalization as is: Advanced features: · Edit tag data directly in the grid · ReplayGain support! Normalize volume without re-encoding or losing fidelity · Vista users will see the modern Vista appearance · XP users will also get Vista style buttons, pop-up dialogs, and command dialogs · Write all or selected songs to a play list (with extended information) · Launch all or selected files in your preferred audio player · Associate ToeTag with files so you can just right-click on an MP3 file from Explorer or almost any program and run ToeTag Requirements: · .NET Framework 2.0 What’s New in This Release: · Gracefully handles invalid cover data and continues to process valid fields. · Changed the way DLLs are packaged so that options are saved. · Fixed bug where filenames containing “\” created subdirectories. · First letter after quotation mark will now be capitalized. · Upgraded to XPTable v1.2.1. · Upgraded to TagLib# v2.0.3.5.

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