thilmera7 0b65 Rev.2

CPU, GPU, HDD, Memory usage information utility. thilmera7 is a small but feature packed application that will show you various information about your computer usage. The application provides you with CPU, GPU, HDD, RAM usage, Network transfer,Thermal information ,SNTP time sync, PCtoPC data share etc. thilmera7 it’s highly configurable and occupies only a small amount of space on your desktop or as a tray icon. · CPU Usage, Thermal, Clock · GPU(NVIDIA/ATI) Usage, Thermal · HDD(smart) Thermal · Memory usage (2GB over) · Disk & Network speed/sec · Process stress top5 & i/o top1 · SNTP time sync · PCtoPC data share · 3×5, 5×7, and more dot string · UAC startup · any Dynamic setting & customize What’s New in This Release: · add fixed right bottom on monitor.

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