Spyware Terminator Database Update

This file includes the most recent updates for Spyware Terminator If you want to download the Spyware Terminator database of software without needing to download the application update files, just click on the download link and extract the downloaded file to the “Spyware Terminator” folder. If you use version 2.2 or higher, extract the downloaded file to C->Documents and Settings->All Users->Application Data->Spyware Terminator (Windows XP) or to C->program data->Spyware Terminator (Windows Vista). The Spyware Terminator Database will enable you to get the latest updates and manually install them. Note: This signature update file is recommended when updating an old version of Spyware Terminator or for anyone who needs to perform manual (offline) updates for Spyware Terminator. This is a cumulative update, therefore downloading this file on a daily basis isn’t recommended (unless absolutely necessary).

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