Software Central Alarmas

Subscribers control Management of multiple contacts and areas. Event Management wants to be informed of the subscriber automatically. Control of exceptions per subscriber. Property Management for each subscriber. Linked to the billing program. Signal Control Conversion of the receiving signal in multiple events associated with the subscriber. Grouping of signals according to type of work. Changing the status of the subscriber according to complex criteria I signal input events. Activation criteria for events in complex I signal input events Maximum signal alerts a subscriber and day. Various detections as input signal. Automatic sending of signals to subscribers via sms / email. Different acoustic signals as received signal. Listings and Reports Full exploitation of signals received by caller as treatment, disposal, operator, period, installer, subscriber status, etc … Scheduling periodic reports for automatic delivery to customers and installers. Listings and reports and services go to subscribers. Link to billing program Periodic billing to subscribers and or facilities. Import the OT for the monthly billing of services provided go. Web Link Selection of subscribers and installers who have access to the web. Signal selection and arrangements for viewing on the web. The subscriber or installer may consult their signals on the web with your username and password.

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