SlotTales Venice2 Windows

Venice2 is a 5-reel, 25-winline game. The Lady symbol appearing on all reels substitutes for all symbols. Three or more Lady symbols somewhere on reels trigger Serenata Feature where the player wins freegames by throwing pots at the singer. Three Difficulties are playable for Gamemodes Casino, Magic and Quick. Casinomode: In Casinogame a classical slotgame will be simulated; your goal is to collect as much score as possible. Magicmode: Magic Game starts like Casino Game; when reelspin has stopped the player is able to change the position of symbols within a defined period: click at the first symbol, then click at the second symbol and symbols swap positions! Quickmode: Quick Game will be played like Casino Game, with one difference: after 15 reelspind at basegame your score will be calculated and a new round starts. Worldmode: Worldgame uses playpublic┬┤s PURE functionality where players in competition with other players all over the world. FOR AMUESMENT ONLY!!!

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