Remote host monitoring tool RedEyes is a small and easy to use tool designed for cyclical operational test performance and availability of hosts connected to the network or Internet access (workstations, servers, routers, etc.) with an IP address and alert administrators in case of failure of these devices or services. The device was tested using the protocol ICMP (normal ping). Often there is a need for monitoring the response of important servers and computers in the network, which enables rapid response to possible problems in the equipment and eliminate them in the shortest time. Utility RedEyes makes it very easy to solve this problem. · easy wizard to create a list of remote targets · 2 ways to display the remote hosts · color scheme mappings · fast port scanner · simplicity and convenience in the work Requirements: · CPU Intel Pentium 4 or highter · RAM 512Mb · HDD 2 Mb free hard disk space · Other Internet connection or TCP/IP enabled LAN Limitations: · 15 days trial · Nag screen What’s New in This Release: · Added the ability to work with the hosts extended with additional tools (Popup menu> Customize). · Added option to blink the host in case of error or failure. · Fixed bugs in previous versions.

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