ReAspect 1.0

Smart aspect change for your images ReAspect is a smart way of changing aspect ratio for DVD-menu still images or digital photography. ReAspect is a very user-friendly and intuitive application, even for the beginners.Load image, then adjust the few settings until the image looks fine, then save it. Sometimes you have a great looking background image in 4:3 and you want to create a 16:9 version of it. You can crop the 4:3 image or you can stretch the image in your image manipulation program. Neither will work very good and here is why: · Cropping: you are losing part of the image and resolution. If the original image had 480 lines, after cropping it to 16:9 you will have only 360 lines, but more importantly part of the visible image is lost. · Stretching: If you stretch the image, then you are reusing all the pixels, but the result has incorrect aspect ratio – image looks “fat”. While the primary goal for the tool is to change aspect of typical menu images, it can be also used to some extent on a digital photography. Of course normally there isn’t big need for 16:9 photography outside the slideshows on DVD and video and most of the time we can get away with cropping. Requirements: · 1 GHz processor or better · 2 GB of RAM · 1 GB of free disk space · Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768 (highly recommended higher resolution) Limitations: · Nag screen · Watermark on the output images

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