Rainmeter 2.1 Rev 912 Beta / 2.0.0 Rev 745

A customizable resource meter Rainmeter is a customizable resource meter that can display various performance data in different formats. Rainmeter’s output data can be displayed in a bar, a histogram, bitmap frames or just plain numbers. Rainmeter also includes a plugin interface which means that the feature set can be extented with 3rd party plugins. Rainmeter can measure: · CPU load · Allocated Memory · Network Traffic · Performance data · Uptime · Free disk space What’s New in This Release: Added support for Aero Glass “blur” effects on skins: · This will allow you to have the Windows Aero effect, where your desktop background is “blurred” behind your skins or parts of skins. Windows Vista or Windows 7 is required or the new settings are ignored by Rainmeter. See Aero Blur for details and an example skin. Improvements to FolderInfo plugin: · FolderInfo now returns size in bytes. If using InfoType=FolderSizeStr, (which until now autoscaled the value internally) AutoScale=1 should be added to the meter(s). While this does change the behavior, it allows for the use of Scale, NumOfDecimals, etc. that weren’t possible prior to this change without an extra Calc measure. · Fixes InputText plugin failing if a “config name” folder had a space in it. · Fix for the CoreTemp plugin to address a mutex handle leak. Added image caching system to the internal Rainmeter code: · Reduces memory resources when a single image is used repeatedly in a skin. For example, you might create …

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