Photo Toolbox

Easy and powerful photo-editor Photo Toolbox is a comprehensive application that can be used to adjust, retouch or fix your digital photos. It combines many easy to use and very powerful features which can make your photo much better than before. · CloneStamp allow you to repair stans and much more. · Professional Level Adjustment. · Automatic one-click white-balance. · USM Sharpen make it sharpen without more noises. · Different tools for making any shape of selections. · Feathering feature can make you edge soft. · Fast Undo/Redo operation. · Dodge/Burn tool is easy to adjust brightness of a region. Requirements: · CPU: 1GHz and higher. Multi-core CPU is recommended. · Memory: 512MB and higher. 2GB RAM is recommended. · Disk Size: 5MB. · Runtime Environment: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Runtime is required. Limitations: · Nag screen · Save function is disabled What’s New in This Release: Features: · Add Red-eye Reduction Tool. With this new tool, you can fix the red-eye effect in your photos very easily. Just press the left-mouse-button and drag the mouse to select one red-eye, and all be fixed automatically when you release the mouse button. Fixed Bugs: · Crash occurrs sometimes while detecting a new version. · Message-box pops up on ‘History’ tool-pad, not on the main window.

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