NoProb Planner 1.0

A homework organizer for all students NoProb Planner is a reliable utility designed to enable students to easily organize their homework and assignments. Effortlessly record what you have to do for homework for the night, or check what homework you need to do in a second! With features such as bolding text and changing the text color, the NoProb Planner gives you the ability to organize your homework in your own creative way. · Simple, user-friendly interface · Clear entire pages or save them with the click of a single button · Organize your homework how you want to organize it · Text formatting (Bold, Underline, change text color, and more!) · Supports over 2 billion pages Requirements: · Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Limitations: · Page #1 only accessible · No Search Page, Clear Page, and Import Subjects From Page features · No automatic updates

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