Kindle Holy Grail

Over the last few months i?ve been playing around with the kindle platform, to find out if its possible to… a. Get ebooks fully outsourced for less than $20 per book. b. 72 hour or less turnaround time on every ebook written. c. Get within the top 10,000 on amazon in less than a week. d. Maintain $500 or more profit every single day. Within this course, i will reveal to you my exact source for getting 25+ Page Ebooks, Written to a Professional Level for around $20, with a very speedy turnaround time guaranteed to get you profiting straight away. I will also show you a fool proof way of getting in the top 10,000 Overall, and Top 100 for certain categories guaranteed with any niche we go over! Further still, if you?ve ever struggled to think of a niche to write on, then worry no more! Included is a step by step system that will show you how to pick a profitable niche with ease, then leverage that topic in order to squeeze the maximum profit out of it in the long term. Most of my ebooks of various niches have had Number 1 Positions in two seperate categories, and are usually within the top 1000 Overall Rankings in the Paid kindle Store, and each and every one of these books took literally zero effort on my part, and a measly $20 or so! Every day you can expect at least 100 Sales, Some days in excess of 1000 Sales! Think of the pure profit you?ll be making if you sold your book at $7!

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