IQ Browser 0.9.3

IQ browser is an easy-to-use, stable,and faster internet browser. iQ comes with a smarter memory optimization system, requiring just 2.268 MB of RAM at startup,less than one third of Internet Explorer 7 and one tenth of Firefox. Memory optimization makes iQ faster to start, and quicker at loading pages, so you can spend more time enjoying the Web. iQ is also multi-threaded, which is a fancy tech-word that means it delivers faster multi-tab browsing, enhanced stability and better JavaScript execution. hope you enjoy this new product. iQ is a unique web browser that you can “take with you” wherever you sign on to the net. With iQ, users can set up their own user accounts and immediately access their bookmarks, history, favorites and skins on any computer, anywhere. iQ is optimized to minimize system resource use. It’s tiny to download, and requires just 2.268M of RAM at startup, less than one third of Internet Explorer 7 and one tenth of Firefox. The program’s user accounts also provide greater privacy and security. Simply logoff, and walk away knowing that nobody can access your browsing history after you leave. iQ also comes with one-click record deletion to keep your online activities private. Finally, with iQ, enjoy a suite of added features to enhance your browsing experience, including a host of unique & customizable skins, advanced tabbed browsing functionality, mouse gesture controls, an auto-hide panel and much more… .

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