Firebird Explorer Lite

Firebird Explorer is a file management utility with full-text search and web sharing abilities. Its powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you manage, search and share files in an entirely new way. With Firebird Explorer, your work will be more efficient and easy.

What can it do for you?
It’s the best Windows Explorer replacement and alternative, you may manage files in a familiar but much more efficency way than ever.
You could know how many files in your computer exactly, and search everything form millions of files in a flash!
You could search text from the content of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and PDF documents. It’s fast, exactly and live!
Do you wanna share your files in a much more easy and secure way? Other people could access your shared files througn a web browser!

What’s the key differences from any other file managers?
Zero learning costs. It’s fully compatible with all the features and idioms of Windows Explorer.
More efficiency. Firebird Explorer has a lot of creative designs to bring you a whole new user experience for file management.
Unique real-time search engine. Other desktop search engines has to scan and index the disk files in a specified interval time, that means the search result is not live and exactly.
Http file sharing. You could turn your computer to be a web server for file sharing in LAN. And others could browse, download and upload files through a web browser.

Main features:
1. Fully compatible with Windows Explorer.Layout,shortcut keys,context menus…, all things are similar with Windows Explorer.
2. Tabbed user interface. All Firebird Explorers will be managed by tabbed interface, you may switch to any Explorer window easily.
3. Dynamic tags. This is a creative and unique way to filter files in Firebird Explorer. When the file list is loading, all files’ initials, types, sizes, modifications will be extracted to file tags, you can click any tag to filter the specified files.
4. Quick filter. You may switch between Quick-Filter and Dynamic-tags by pressing the button row. This is another good way to locate files. You may input any characters of file name, Firebird Explorer will refresh and show the filtered files for you immediately.
5. Quick-nav. This is the best way to launch your favorite folder quickly. You may press F8 or drag & drop any folders or files to the quick navigation area (the right bottom area) to create shortcuts.
6. Disk navigation. Above the file list, you could find the disk navigation buttons, you may switch to any disk at any time easily.
7. Breadcrumb navigation. The same as Windows7 Explorer, every level of folders is separated button in the folder path navigation bar, and every folder button has a sub menu to navigate the children folders.
8. Directory history. Firebird Explorer will save maximums 100 history records of directory access; and you may press ‘Ctrl+S’ to switch between recent two accessed directories.
9. Photo mode and Icon mode. This is another creation for file management experience from Firebird Explorer. In the photo or Icon view, the files are listed in pages. You may scroll the mouse wheel up or down, the files will be showed page by page.
10. Intelligent color. Which folder is the hottest? Which file is the newest? Firebird Explorer will show them to you by their background color. When browsing files, you could notice the hot and new folders or files in the first sight. e.g. If a file is created or modified in 24 hours, its background is green.
11. Floating file preview. When moving mouse onto a file or directory, a floating panel will be displayed and show the file summary. E.g. If your mouse is on a picture, the floating preview panel will show its thumbnail, file size and pixel size.
12. Built in 18 skins. Every is cool, every is carefully styled.

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