etimeshareproTM software is an advertising suite, marketing guru, and personal realtor in a box that puts YOU in the drivers’ seat of selling or renting your timeshare. etimeshareproTM instantly markets the sale or rental of your property to millions of major real estate and classified sites with just one click of your mouse. Within minutes of publishing your ad you will start seeing the results on major search engines throughout 101 countries giving you instant results you can trust. Most listing and resale companies just place one ad on one fancy website and we both know that doesn’t work. The e.timesharepro software just makes sense placing millions of ads from just one click and giving you real-time statistics, progress reports and potential buyers and renters directly to your email inbox 24 hours a day. All you have to do is put the software CD into your PC or MAC computer, enter your property info and watch the etimesharepro software go to work. It’s just that simple! Why etimeshareproTM software is effective? etimeshareproTM is a breakthrough in both software and marketing technology that not only broadcasts your timeshare to over 200,000 classified sites but also blasts 5 million emails to potential buyers and renters throughout 101 countries. Why pay a listing company extra fees for your timeshare when etimeshareproTM works on all of your properties at no extra cost. Why pay uprising maintenance fees when you can use the most cutting-edge marketing delivery system this industry has to date to get your unwanted timeshare sold or rented. Why continue to pay a listing company in upwards of 3 times the amount for something that has proven, time again, not to work. Rather than using a proven tool that you can use yourself and see then results for a fraction of the cost. The question is not why etimeshareproTM? It’s why not. Please visit our website at www.etimesharepro.com for more information.

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