DaJingShang Email sender

*completely green, download after decompression can be used, do not need to install. *the trial version to send messages without any advertising. * support for message content automatically into the picture signal, the image size changing. * human signaling process message closer to your application, so you should know how to adjust parameters to improve the transmitting efficiency. * support for all types of agents and a large number of proxy address ( proxy ) and sent out, the product function is very strong, such as edge can be sent from online ( or local file ) with agent IP and automatic verification ( this method stresses acting IP effect is very good ), verified by adding a letter, temporarily unable to use appropriate processing agent for the next use. * support to modify the message header function, can simulate a variety of popular mail client transmitting process ( such as outlook, Foxmail… ). * the message header, transmitting content, the sender, sender mail address can be provided with a plurality of, at the same time can be set automatically when the system variable, by rotation, using every time out content are different. * the system provides powerful variable function, if not enough can also customize variable by variable, make each sent a letter and a different, achieve the goal of. If the set of variable “%RAN_LC_CHAR [5-7 ]”, is in the mail will automatically generate 5-7 lowercase string. * use multiple threads to advanced technology, per hour can be sent hundreds of thousands of letters, high transmitting efficiency. * support for super large bulk mail, a sender can be hundreds of millions of letters, e-mail address to document the form of import, fast and convenient. * support breakpoint transmission, automatically every 1 minutes to save a breakpoint from the breakpoint, you can start writing, do not have to worry about unexpected situations require de novo repeat, efficient and safe. * support for direct mail, can import multiple analytical DNS address, mail directly to the other box, without transshipment. * support for relay SMTP, you can set any more ( from several thousand to tens of thousands are no problem ), if use a transmitter failure, the system will automatically switch to another. * support for direct mail and mail relay SMTP at the same time, if the direct SMTP signaling failure can automatically switch relay SMTP or SMTP transmitter failure relay automatic also can be switched directly SMTP, greatly improves the success rate. * support for direct and direct mail letter relay SMTP cache, effectively reducing MX queries, SMTP relay transmitter when reducing the number of connections. * support for retransmission, can set the number of retransmissions, to increase your success rate! * support to HTML form. * support for BCC function, transmission speed can be ten times to several times to improve, in a letter, the recipient can only see their own email address, can not see other recipient mailbox. * support email unsubscribe and statistical functions.

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