ChromePlus Alpha 4 /

Enhanced Google Chrome browser. Surf the web much easier. ChromePlus adds the most convenient features on top of Chrome for a much easier web surfing experience. · Mouse Gestures · IE Tabs · Super drag · Double click tab to close page · Download tools supported in context menu. What’s New in This Release: · Bug fixed: It will crash when click the switch icon if enable “Focus existing tab on open” experimental feature; · Bug fixed: Update the icon of download with IE kernel on the taskbar of win7; · Bug fixed: The newtab will become blank when switch from IE mode to Chrome mode; · Bug fixed: The bug of underline; · Bug fixed: The conflict with youdao dictionary; · Bug fixed: It will crash when click external links; · Bug fixed: Rightclick the icon on taskbar, it will crash when click “new window”. Reasons why this program is marked as ad-supported: · Includes third-party services unrelated to the program’s functionality but intended to generate income

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