Biorhythm Charts

Theory of Biorhythm:

In early 20th century, Germany physician Wilhelm Fliess and Austrian psychologist Hermann Swoboda found human being Biorhythm cycles that emotion has a cycle of 28-days and physical has a cycle of 23-days.

After twenty years, Austrian professor Alfred Teltseher found that human being intelligence has a cycle of 33-days after studying hundreds of students. Now we know the following human being biorhythm cycles: Emotion cycle is 28-days. Physical cycle is 28-days. Intelligence cycle is 33-days. The start day to calculate a person’s biorhythm is his( or her) birthday.

Predict your status in future. Arrange travel or important work. Calculate the best pregnant dates for a couple. Adjust your status and get high score in exam. Help you to decide whether he or she is your cup of tea. Help to affiliate better with your mate. Display two persons’ biorhythm charts once. By comparing two persons’ biorhythm charts you can predict their advantages and disadvantages.

Features of Biorhythm Charts:

Display one or two persons’ biorhythm charts once. Compare two persons’ biorhythm charts Adjust your status before exam to get a high score in the exam. Find the best pregnant dates for a couple and have a healthy baby. See whether a person is appropriate for you to become a happy family. Seek mate. Print biorhythm charts.

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