[ sophisticated moment-curvature analysis ] : Aat it’s most fundamental and core capability, beamAnalyzer will provide you with its sophisticated capability of analyzing and calculating moment curvature relationship for a particular section of structural member (here is beam). This moment-curvature analysis capability is crucial for analyzing the capacity of a beam member of a structure when it will reach it ultimate capacity; which is important in earthquake engineering analysis and design task. We are sure you know the importance of knowing the behavior of a particular beam member, especially its moment-curvature relationship, [ very flexible section shape definition ] : At it’s basic, it will also offer you with very flexible section shape definition; beamAnalzer allows you to define your section both in simple and detailed manner that will definitely serve you well in every kind of task. For ordinary projects task, you may find the simplified section definition serve you perfectly, however for special projects involving irregular, not ordinary shape of sections, you may want to make use the manual definition of beam section. [ section rotation capability ] : beamAnalyzer allow you to rotate your section and find its moment curvature relationship in that rotated configuration. this definitely broaden and enhance your flexibility and projects you are capable of dealing with. [ flexible reinforcement definition ] : Extending its basic capability, it also offer you with flexible reinforcement definition. In beamAnalyzer, you can define reinforcement data (diameter and location) both manually and using preset. For simplicity of dealing with ordinary rectangular shaped sections, you may want to use the simplified reinforcement input, which is really easy to use, just slide the slidebar to select how many reinforcement you want to have in the section, pick their size from drop down box, etc. However it is relaxing to know that for advanced task, you can rely on manual input of reinforcement data, that will allow you to analyze your section with much greater flexibility. You also can always recheck the correctness of your input by comparing to the illustration provided. [ flexible material properties definition ] : It also offer flexible material properties definition. beamAnalyzer capable of defining properties (stress strain relationship) for both steel and concrete material manually for particular project specific usage. However, preset stress strain curve for steel and concrete are also available, which will give you easiness in defining material properties. [ export result capability ] : For further analysis purpose, beamAnalyzer is also has been made capable of exporting the result of calculation (the moment curvature data) in comma separated value file, which you may find that useful for other calculation later on, perhaps for analysis by using spreadsheet .. [ calculation precision customization ] : beamAnalzer also capable of manually define the precision of calculation; for initial calculation you may not want to be extremely precise and thus demanding in calculation power, but for final stage you may need the greater precision. beamAnalyzer understands and allow you to change the precision of the calculation according to your need; rough estimate and fast for preliminary, precise but rather computational power demanding for final stage calculation. [ fast multi-threading calculations for your fast multi-core computing environment ] : beamAnalyzer really value your precious time; thus beamAnalyzer is capable of making full use of your high-performance computer, which most likely will have multiple-cores computational processor residing inside; beamAnalyzer then capable of doing multi-threaded calculation. This set beamAnalyzer apart from its competitors, which mostly only make use small portion of your computer computing capability due to single-threading nature limitation.

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