Basic script browser online games Fight Club

The script includes: The complete database chat transmission Stores FOB shop Fighting with the bot PvP battles Group fights chaotic battles Clans clan registry magic full admin panel forum Good protetstion The code is very easy to disassemble and understood, along with a detailed script is the FAQ for installing basic setup script. Needs some work for the long game! Ideal for beginners and those who want to run their little game. The project is due for work on them can be not only fun but also a serious your project that will bring money. a very clear code, allows to easily refine and develop the game. The script in Russian! But it is easily translated into any other language, even the chat can be done with auto-translation, via Google Translit, so that players from different countries could jobschatsya with each other more or less understand each other. If you have questions ask them without problems, respond in the shortest possible time.

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