Basic Key Logger 1.0

Basic Key Logger is built as a standalone key logger that is able to capture keyboard and mouse inputs from any program that runs in parallel. Basic Key Logger is an evaluation tool for human-computer interaction. Basic Key Logger is suitable for software development. You can test prototypes as well as final applications without modifying your sources. · standalone application (unzip to install, delete to uninstall) · 2 logs formats (events and operations) · external commands (start, suspend, resume, insert tags, stop) · periodic disk write (optional) · daily shutdown (optional) · visible on tool bar or hidden (always visible in Task Manager) · configuration from file and/or command line Requirements: · 25 MB free disk space Extensions: · Hidden mode, no icon in task bar (command startHidden.exe) Modifications: · Error messages and warnings at launching the program do not require a click, they disappear automatically after 3 seconds. Bugs: · Creation of work directories failed when intermediate subdirectories did not exist.

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