Autoclickomania Next Generation 1.1

AutoClickomania – it`s a legendary puzzle game, played by millions of people all around the world. The futures of the Clickomania are that the game focuses both on children and adult audience. In fact, it’s tetris, just with the opposite objective – the player`s goal is, by the clicking of the mice`s buttons cleared the field from various elements (rectangles, balls and other figures), collecting them into groups by color or type. Clickomania can be played in many different ways, like using some deliberated strategy, and without it – just focusing on the tips of intuition and quickly taking a step by step. Regardless of playing style, Clickomania very rapidly ” tightens” and after several attempts, to break away from the game it is simply impossible. It should be noted, that another feature of the game it`s that AutoClickomaniathat is absolutely free to play and anyone can try to join it – all it`s need is just download and install the software on computer.

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