Atlo3D is an interactive Google Earth like 3D geobrowser that displays online accessible and locally stored data. Because of a modular architecture it can be easily extended by further functions and is adaptable to special requirements. Aerial photographs combined with elevation data and textured 3D objects are used to create interactive, close-to-reality visualizations. Get Atlo3D and give it a try to fully assess its capabilities! · Highly modular and customizable (Eclipse OSGi Framework) · Providing an user friendly environment for GIS users · Create animations and export as video · Geodata packages (e.g. satellite imagery and topographic maps) available for offline Use · WMS / WFS interfaces (persistent off-line cache and pre-caching) · High resolution image export (poster-size) · Import / export of raster, vector and 3D data in common GIS formats · Placemark and route editing · GPS-Live-Tracking · Display of geotagged photos · Geodata comparison: synchronized browsing of multiple 3D views · Based on the approved NASA World Wind SDK

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