App.Cat Instant App Maker for PC

What is App.Cat? App.Cat is an instant app maker. It’s software that makes fantastic looking mobile apps in 60 seconds. Simply select your pictures, add features, and App.Cat does the rest. Do I need a Mac? No. It works on Windows PC and on Mac. There’s even a free companion iPhone app in the app store so you can edit your apps on the move. We’re Apple-approved and Windows-open… Is it difficult? It’s very simple and intuitive to use. No experience necessary. 80 gorgeous templates make you look great. Or make your own designs. When is my app live? In 60 seconds. Can I change it? Yes. And the changes appear instantly on every iPhone that has your app. What if I am away from the computer? App.Cat STUDIO is fully cloud enabled and “talks” to App.Cat PRO for iPhone (available separately from the app store) so you can maintain the same apps at the office or on the go. Does is work on Android? Yes. Customers on Mac, PC, Android, Windows Phones, and Blackberries will see the pertinent info of your iPhone app so you’ll never lose a customer again. Can I put my app on Facebook etc.? Yes. You can send it by email, text, put it on your site, social networks, wherever you like. We even give you a variety of cool “download our app”-buttons, ready to slap onto your site. Can my customers download it directly to their iPhone? Yes. They don’t even need iTunes. They download it straight from your site etc. They can then beam your app to their friends. Does this work for Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Thai, French, German? Yes. Write in any language and your app works perfectly. Even mix languages! Nobody else offers that! Will people know I used this software? Not really, because there’s only a very small copyright thingy. But if you mind, you can use the “Re-Brand Button” so you’re safe from snooping clients or competitors… Are those real apps or just a web site? Real apps. They’re downloaded to your iPhone. Run there without access to any site. Your customers can be on a plane, in a bunker, or New York: The app works! Just download one of our featured apps to see. What if they’re not on an iPhone when I send them the app? We additionally include a free mini-website for each app so they can still read about you and your app. From there they can send the app to themselves or their friends via SMS (text) or email. We even pay for SMS! I will buy a new computer, can I install the software again? Yes. You can always re-download the software for free: www.app.cat/get. When you open it and use your password you’ll find all your apps still there. Cloud, yay! What are the exact features of App.Cat Studio? Enough to make your head spin but they’re all automatically added. A gorgeous app takes 60 seconds. Pimping it will add a few minutes. What’s the difference between Studio and PRO App.Cat Studio for Mac and Windows is our flagship product and has the most features. It makes gorgeous apps in 60 seconds without any experience. You use it on your computer. App.Cat PRO for iOS is a free mobile helper app for App.Cat Studio for Mac and Windows. Think of it as a remote control. You use it on your iPhone to edit all your apps when you’re away from your computer. Does it work on my computer? Yes. We worked hard to make sure it just works! Here are the specs: ? Mac OS X 10.6 or newer (that means latest free update of Snow Leopard or Lion) ? Windows XP, Vista and 7 (that probably includes the rattling box at the office…)

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