Accurate Printer Monitor

Printer monitoring is indeed a lot of companies all over the world should invest in. But why is this so? Why is there an impendent need to monitor printing activity? Let us say that you operate a medium-sized enterprise and you have dozens of computers connected to several computer networks. With these many computers, your office would inevitably need a lot of working printers at hand, so many that keeping tabs as to printing activity would become fairly difficult it achieve. The task to printer monitor is not really hard if you have software to back you up. This is why you need to have print monitor software in your office.

The great feature that comes with our print monitoring software is that it points out the employees using the printers most often, as well as the quantity of pages they have been printing off the printers. Now, this goes without saying that there are employees who are just a little bit abusive when it comes to using office equipment and when it comes to printing, there really is no way of knowing who is using what printer for personal use. That is, if you do not have the software.

Key features:

* built-in HTTP server allows administrators display company reports from remote computers;
* automatically detects when the printer or print server goes on, and restores monitoring when the printer is online;
* can work as a service application;
* monitors multiple printers at the same time;
* monitor remote, local or network printers;
* you can calculate printing cost for print quality, domain or user or each printer;
* supports color and monochrome printers;
* data export to ready-to-use MS Excel, MS Word (RTF) files;
* real-time optimized monitoring;
* the printer monitor can send schedules reports to administrators;
* many modules allow you to filter and process printer events.

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