FlexCell Grid Control for .NET 4.1.3

FlexCell Grid Control for .Net is a flexible and easy to use .NET grid control, it provides comprehensive functions such as Print, Print Preview, Chart, Merge Cell, Virtual Grid, Import (from) and Export (to) XML, Export to Excel Workbook (no need of Excel runtime support), etc.FlexCell Grid Control for .NET is a utility that provides comprehensive functions. FlexCell Grid Control for .NET provides 6 cell types, 6 chart types and 10 programming objects. · Provides comprehensive functions, such as File Save, Export to Excel Workbook (no need of Excel runtime support), Export to HTML, Import from and Export to XML, Sort, Chart, Virtual Grid, Merge Cells, Print, Print Preview, etc. · FlexCell Grid Control for .NET provides a grid designer, this allows you to design truly elaborate report form templates and software interfaces with very little code. · Provides 10 classes: Cell, Chart, Column, ComboBox, Images, PageBreak, PageSetup, Range, Row and Selection. · Provides 6 cell types: TextBox, ComboBox, CheckBox, Calendar, Button and HyperLink. · Provides 6 chart types: ColumnClustered, Line, Pie, 3DColumnClustered, 3DLine and 3DPie. · Provides multiform cell properties: Alignment, BackColor, Border, Font, ForeColor, Locked, Printable, Tag, Text, WrapText, etc. · Provides plentiful page setup functions, such as Page Margin, Page Break, Center on Page, Title Rows, Header, Footer, etc. · Supports clipboard operations. The cell content can be copied, cut and pasted freely, and the text can be copied and pasted mutually between FlexCell and other software such as Excel, Notepad, etc. · Includes a complete set of VB .NET and C# code example, helping you to learn quickly the usage of this control.

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