Word Directory Script

The big difference between this directory and the others, is that this one has a user statistic where users can login and see how many hits their words have received. This word directory offers you better features than any other. Listings cannot be submitted until payment has been received. That means, no spammer will be able to list their websites without paying. The administrator section provides total control to manage the most important task of this word directory script. You have 1,000 words to sell at any price you set. The script is very easy to install and manage. All payments are through Paypal and the administrator only has to input his/her email in the settings in order to start receiving payments. Administrator can set any price for the words. The script also has other features that generate revenues. Such features are part of the word buying process where buyers can choose different styles, colors, or font face for their words in order to make more appealing to the visitors. Administrator can set the prices for all these features as well.