Virtual City 2

After winning the hearts of millions of players, the best-selling city builder game, Virtual City, gets its long-awaited sequel! In Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort, you?ll get to expand your activities to the shining coast of Florida, the snowy lands of Alaska, the rocky mountains of Utah and some arid barren land in Nevada. Complete four challenging locations with their own unique missions while fulfilling special goals like opening a Casino, building a Ski Resort and constructing an Ice Hotel. Virtual City 2 offers a wide range of buildings like Offices and hotels, restaurants and clubs, museums and fitness centers that let you make your own city unique and prosperous. Complete over 50 unique missions, building over 70 types of buildings. Produce over 40 types of products to transport around the city. Master new production chains to supply your cities with ski lifts, power boats and slot machines. Earn 98 achievements to prove that you?re an expert. Make your city eco-friendly by planting forests, building recycling plants and constructing fountains. Achieve the right balance between the Jobs and Happiness ratings by giving your citizens jobs and hosting entertaining events. Prepare your city for a range of disasters fires, snowdrifts and epidemics and don?t forget to develop business relations with neighboring cities to increase your trade and revenue.