Popup Generator

I am here to tell you, Popups don’t have to be complicated. Introducing… Popup Generator Popup Generator will allow you to create popup codes within minutes. It is a simple software program, which literally does all the work for you. It is designed to allow you to modify the code for a wide variety of popups without knowing on bit about codes. With Popup Generator, you can literally create a popup window how you want it, in less than 2 1/2 minutes. Here is what Popup Generator Will Allow you to do: Choose whether you want a Front Popup or an InBack Popup. Customize the size of your popup Windows Specify where your popup appears on your users screen Choose what functions you want in your popup Location Bar Directories Menu Bar Tool Bar Status Bar Resizable Scroll Bar Dependant Decide if you want the popup to be Full Screen Select How you Want the Window to popup When Page Loads Standard Link Form Button When page Unloads