Penny Auctions Starter Managed Hosting

Penny Auctions Managed Hosting services optimized for penny auctions If you’re ready to see how your penny auction can benefit, read on. It’s time for your organization to leverage are Penny Auctions Managed Hosting services, But we know it’s a confusing world to just jump into. That’s why we’re here for you. Here’s how it works Powerful Scaling Up & Down Servers Guaranteed Our Seamless Scaling Up & Down servers are made to grow as your needs grow You manage your business. We’ll manage your server. Save yourself the time and effort it takes to manage a dedicated server by letting our staff do it for you. Our Managed Hosting professionals will personally set up your server and install the approved Web applications you need for Penny Auctions,blogging, eCommerce, ? you name it. We also take care of all backups daily , virus-scanning and security, leaving you to focus on your business. We will help get your server up and running fast! Each plan is customized for your website bandwidth, control panel (Parallels┬« Plesk Panel or cPanel┬«) and backup options . CentOS Version 5.5 is the operating system of choice for Penny Auctions looking for a highly stable version of Linux that offers enterprise-level reliability. All Plans Include Managed Hosting Services: 24/7 support Initial server setup: ? Operating system installation ? Control panel installation ? DNS setup ? Domain name setup Application services: Install and update any Web application installed during the initial plan setup. System administration and troubleshooting Security services (anti-virus, scanning) 1 dedicated IPs Manage servers, storage, security and network devices 24/7 email,and Web-based support ? OS: Linux CentOS ? RAM: 2 GB ? Storage: 50 GB ? Bandwidth: 2,000 GB/mo We will do everything necessary to run and optimize your server, and focus on the factor which will make the most difference to the user. in your Penny Auctions SQL Server Database or on are Penny Auction Hosting Servers . We’ll provide you with all the knowledge necessary to make the most of these tools for your organization. Provide you with a strategy (personalized for your organization) to optimize data in your Penny Auctions SQL Server Database. Fast servers and support team will provide a faster connection to your website and server SQL Server Database. Backup database We know that 100% uptime is critical. Which is why we provide a faster connection to your website and server. that is second to none, backed by a fully database backup of your data before we clean and optimize your server . Secure Transfer of The data is secure . Performance of Database SQL Remove images,bids,auctions,accounts,etc on database to free disk space on servers To optimize your DATBASE and to focus on the factor which will make the most difference to the database. Test the website Performance Monitor test. Once we have quantitative data about how your system is performing currently, we will be able to determine Performance of your website. Database Maintenance Shrinking a database Backing up a database Performing an operator notification Updating database statistics Verifying the integrity of a database Cleaning up leftover maintenance files Executing a SQL Server Rebuilding an index Reorganizing an index Cleaning up database histories $200.00 per month