NopAdmin Full 2.60

Product Maintenance NoPAdmin provides you with full product and product variant maintenance capabilities. Edit these commonly used fields and more from one easy to use screen: Product Name and short description Rich Text Editing capabilities for long descriptions on both main product level as well as product varaint Published Yes/No Drag and Drop the first image on both main product levels and product variant Weight, Height, Length and Width Price, Sale Price, Actual Cost, Shipping Upcharge Display Order Inventory Downloads “Recurring” intervals and amounts and much more!Incredibly Easy Product Images Uploads “Drag and Drop” images from your computer or camera directly to your store! Now you can quickly assign unlimited images to each product with a few clicks of a mouse. By using the “drag and drop” method you’ll be able to tie images to your products in a fraction of the time the same process would take you thru the NopCommerce administration site! Drag and Drop Product Category Assignment Let’s face it – assigning products to the proper category can take time – and a lot of it – if you do it through the standard NopCommerce administration site. NopAdmin allows you to literally drag and drop each product to the right category or subcategory using a intuitive tree view. Just find the product you want to assign, click and hold, and drag-drop it on the category or subcategory it belongs to. It’s that easy! Drag and Drop Related Products NopAdmin makes it incredibly easy to create your related products relationships! Like the Drag and Drop Category Assignment, you can simply drag and drop any product to the product you want to relate it to in a matter of seconds. If you have a lot of products, you can easily find your products and relationships by filtering on product name, sku, or price. Foolproof Excel File Product Data Import Have several hundred or thousands of products to maintain, or are loading your store for the first time from an extract out of another system? Our improved Product Import feature allows you to rapidly add or change data on your products. Unlike the import feature in NopCommerce, you can ‘simulate’ the import as many times as you like to give you a chance to correct any data validation problems, such as a non-numeric price. It does data validation to make sure the data you’re sending will ‘work’ in your store. If it does find an error, the Product Import will tell you exactly which line it’s on. Manage Local and Remote NopCommerce Stores NoPAdmin can be used in either local or remote mode, allowing you to connect to NopCommerce databases that you are configuring for the first time on your local SQL server or are maintaining live stores on remote servers. One simple database configuration screen is all you need to change – and the licensing doesn’t change regardless of whether you are working in local or remote mode.