Ladybug Mixer Professional

Mixing live and vivid videos, showing stunning visual effects in high-definition, Ladybug Mixer Professional, a multi-channel media mixer with real-time visual effects on Windows, works greatly for your video applications such as video remix, digital signage, and broadcasting.

Ladybug Mixer’s cutting-edge technologies include:

  • mChannel technology supports multiple channel video in parallel
  • Multi-thread video engine naturally speedup on multi-core processor
  • Real-time Cinematic effects like triptych by GPU
  • Ultra Higi-Definition video and picture support
  • Flat, embedded, and transparent GUI control
  • Embedded SQL database for configuration management
  • Support web camera, TV tuner, and video camera
  • Synchronize multi-channle video playback
  • Live streaming video broadcasting w Flash Media Server

Ladybug Mixer’s real-time video processing.

  • Remix raw video with your video and picture library
  • Select video or pictures in a play list for animation slideshow
  • Composite broadcasting video with background in green screen
  • Multiple monitor support for screen wall

Ladybug Mixer working for your demands

  • Save your time and cost to prescreen your movie clips
  • Mix attractive video and advertising for digital signage
  • Watch HD video from your PC in your Home Theater
  • Play video in your laptop or UMPC in mobile