GoGoMail 2010

GoGoMail 2010 is mailing and process excel tools,provider a lot of Tool Wizard this main purpose is to improve and enhance the productivity of office staff by sending emails and making them free from the tedious and boring task of emailing. The main function of the software is mass-mailing. It has built-in features of Assistant Wizard. Features: 1.Attachment Allocate Wizard 2.Excel-Data Allocate Wizard 3.Excel-Data Conversion Wizard (Attachment) 4.Excel-Data Conversion Wizard (Body) 5.Excel-Data Conversion Wizard (HTML) 6.Excel-File Split Wizard 7.Excel-File Merge Wizard 8.Excel-Sheets Split Wizard 9.Excel-Sheets Merge Wizard A.CSV-Format-File Split Wizard This tool works within Excel 97 – 2010 for Windows. It integrates directly with your POP3/SMTP or Exchange email server or directly with Outlook. For example, it will work with Gmail, AOL, SBC, and Yahoo accounts (and many others.)