GC-Marketplace ResearchTool v1.04

Buyers waiting list is an interesting feature for the vendors which we have added in the latest version.
It gives information about the people who are waiting to buy the product (Quantity), the average price they wish to buy (Avg. Asking Price), waiting since (Waiting From) and the minimum acceptable condition (Min. acceptable condition). New!
You can search the inventory using the code type UPC, ISBN10, ISBN13 or ASIN.New!
GC – Marketplace Research Tool gets extensive details about the inventory items. Some of them are Title, Author, Manufacturer, Language, Dimension, Shipping Info.New!
Using Marketplace screen name, you can find the quantity on hand with the specified and their listed price.New!
You can manually enter the codes or import your code using txt/tab/csv file.
Very Powerful display to slice and dice your data.
Filter and group data to get better analytic results.
You can choose which market places you want to get data from.
Ability to export the results to Excel or PDF.
How the application works?
1.To the GC ? Marketplace Research Tool feed the list of ASIN/ISBN/UPC code either manually or by importing the code from a txt/csv/tab delimited file.
2.Select the marketplace from which you need the product details and price details. Available marketplaces are US, UK, France, Denmark and Japan.
3.You can use Content filter to filter the results based on the category like Electronics, Books, DVD etc.
4.Next click Run to fetch the data and display it on grid.
5.To select the fields that you need to see on the grid use the field chooser as shown below.
Whats next?
1.The results can be categorized into 2 main sections.
a.Product information.
b.Marketplace information
2.Product Information:
You can get the Product details like Title, category etc which gives a detailed information about the product. The Product details section has the below information in a tabular display.
Number of Discs
Category(for example DVD/CD/Books)
Publication Date
Release Date
Shipping Info
3.Buyer?s Waiting List: You can see the Buyers waiting list in the Product details section. Information like Quantity, Avegare asking Price, Waiting From, Minimum acceptable condition are displayed.
4.Marketplace Information: You can see the details like Price and quantity for New, Very Good, Good, Acceptable and Collectible conditions like:
Sales Rank
Used Like New
Very Good
Good, Acceptable
New Quantity
Used Quantity
Like New Quantity
Very Good Quantity
Good Quantity
Acceptable Quantity
Quantity on Hand
The marketplace grid has link to product detail page in Amazon website and a link to see the image of the product.
Additional Features:The searched results can be exported to excel and PDF for further processing.