Folex WM 30

It is the ultimate numbering software . It is ideal for use in Printing, Graphic Design Centers, Copy Centers, Pharmaceutical, Home, Accounting Firms, Law Offices, Cyber cafes, Small Businesses, Etc.. Number format prosecutors, social forms, invoices, notes, etc. Only download the program, install and start working. Features Folex Medium: Features Folex Med: Numbering: Up to 60 per sheet.. All include a prefix, suffix, forward, backward, turn and mask. Up to 12 digits. What the number of Convention does not allow printing. Increase (jumps) of numbers up to three digits. Training numerators block or template. Text Blocks : Up to 60 per sheet. Text up to 200 characters per block. Numberings and text blocks : Individualized rotation angles of 0 °, 90 °, 180 °, 270 °. Individually adjustable for the type, font size and color according to your needs. Image : Import the image in JPG, GIF, TIF Print background image, numbers and text in one step . Also: Print to multiple printers simultaneously (same or different jobs.) Adjust the blade vertically and horizontally. Keep arrangements for subsequent uses. Customize your worksheet (no restrictions) for use with a home printer, plotter, (injection, laser) etc. Preview of your resume.