Electronics Principles V10 eBook Viewer.

Eptsoft are educational software developers and publishers for over twenty years into schools colleges and universities worldwide The interactive software to accompany this eBook (details included can be downloaded for just $4.99 through RegNow affiliates) has been developed to resemble a colorful interactive text book page on the screen or whiteboard where individual values can be inserted from traditional textbook examples, enabling the student to interactively explore the books topics in a more interesting and enjoyable way. Calculations can be followed through using actual example values input from any standard text where the results can be compared with the printed copy. Teachers can build colorful student handouts based on their own example input values and questions. Students can extract images and text represent ther own input values from the software version using the Cut and Paste features. Software includes Whiteboard Technology for whole class teaching where even the smallest value changes will result screen updates. A4 style printouts can be made showing the students results image at the top with descriptive text below followed by images of calculations and graphs as appropriate. Additional software tools included are Editors for Equations, Statistics, Algebra and Logic evaluations. Even a BASIC Programmer found useful in many schools as in enables students to quickly write and evaluate both simple or complex mathematical program code.