Easy Word Recovery

Repair Microsoft Word documents with ease. Easy Word Recovery offers step-by-step recovery for corrupted and erased documents made by all versions of Microsoft Word up to Word 2010. State-of-the-art Word repair algorithms enable surefooted recovery of badly damaged documents as well as the recovery of DOC and DOCX files stored on formatted, damaged and inaccessible disks. Fix Word files in the convenience of your home without sending the disk away!

Designed to allow users regain access to information stored in Microsoft Word files, Easy Word Recovery provides a comprehensive all-in-one solution. The product can unerase deleted documents and recover files purged from the Recycle Bin, recover DOC and DOCX files stored on reformatted and damaged hard drives, and extract documents even from disks inaccessible as drive letters.

If a document is undeleted corrupted, Easy Word Recovery will apply sophisticated technology to extract as much data as still possible. The results are comparable to jobs performed by trained data recovery specialists. Considering the huge amount of meta-information stored in the original Word format, more often than not, the entire content of the Word file being recovered can be successfully restored.

Easy Word Recovery boosts instant, on-the-fly pre-recovery preview, allowing customers to preview damaged documents before they are being restored. The preview comes handy for recovering the latest editions of documents saved with Microsoft Word, or selecting the least damaged document out of a bunch.