EAKAIN Scalper Pro v1.05

EA Kain is the result of the Best Expert Advisors working at this time. It includes all the best profitable strategies. They are used at the right time, in the right way, at the right market conditions. That’s the why because IT WORKS ALWAYS! SUGGESTED SPREAD EURCHF – 3 pips EURGBP – 3 pips EURUSD – 2 pips GBPCHF – 7 pips USDCAD – 4 pips USDCHF – 3 pips USDJPY – 2 pips One of the main target is trasparency and h24 support that we provide to our clients just because we want give the best service possible. Our target is to establish a long term relationship with our customers. Many of us knows that Backtests are NOT reliable. Do you know the why ? It’s easy, data provided by Metaquotes, the company wich develop Metatrader, unfortunately aren’t complete. Too often it miss many information,sometimes some hours of trading market, rendering therefore completely such result unreliable. Dukascopy provide detailed data, tick by tick, with dimension of the data 100 times larger than the standard one. We are the only one to provide backtests with 99% accuracy. Showed results are comparable to a REAL account. The most famous and profitable robot have a lot of drawdown (30/50%)….it means that if today they are good, the day after could loose all your money in few time due to the margin call of the broker!!! Our Forex robot can be traded with ANY account size….BIG or SMALL…’cause It has a VERY SMALL DRAWDOWN. How does it works? You need just 5 minutes to setup. No more,no less. We set just the max risk, And nothing else. Due to the different market conditions we use 4 different stable strategies learned in several trading years: scalper and medium-term trading. System recognize the market condition and use the most profitable one in that particular situation and every strategy use a different money management. Most of the Automated Trading System that you find on the net show you brilliant report from several years (also from 1999) to current days. Problem is that from the graph you don’t see that peformance are very different in the last period from the past because they are loosing slowly in the last years. Why? Market is changing and that robot doen’t support this time. They are not able to adapt to the current market conditions. The Price EA KAIN it’s not just the most stable and profitable EA… It’s an automated robot that: – Has the most 4 different profitable strategies for EVERY MARKET CONDITION – It’s undetectable by the Forex Broker – Market Maker – It will double your account in few times without any risk – All the future updates of EAKAIN will be sent to you for FREE How do you price the most accurate and profitable trading system that?s proven its ability to generate astounding results month-after-month, year-after-year…hands-free? It would certainly be much easier if the Forex EAKAIN Robot was ?just another? robot like so many others out there. But EAKAIN it’s a professional robot, developed to be a winner. It?s what many people have been waiting for. We think that it’s really a true pass to financial freedom. A REAL way to grow wealthy, a life changing solution. Imagine tomorrow waking up naturally?no alarm clock, no stress, no commuting… no agenda. The only thing you ?have? to do is to check your account growth every day… the profits that keep on rolling in and building up. And then? You should think just how to manage your time, your FREE TIME. This is Freedom, This is Life! YOU HAVE TO THINK about the possibility that we’re giving to you. As part of this special launch, the first 20 copies will be offered for an introductory price of 579,00 $ – no subscription – no ongoing payments whatsoever! We are excited about this launch and want you to enjoy it as well. Tomorrow you could not buy this EA ’cause it will be sold out.